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Web3 Ecosystem for Digital & Real-World Assets

Realio Network Features

An interoperable Layer-1 multi-chain Web3 ecosystem focused on the issuance and management of digitally native real-world assets (RWAs). Its design is fully open-source, permissionless, and purpose-built.
security lock

The blockchain is secured by validators bonding Native $RIO or $RST in the Network.

web 3
Web3 Compliant

The Network intends to host the base layer for a real-world-based metaverse, Districts.


Built for its users, the Realio Network allows participation and voting in network upgrades when a user participates as a validator or a delegator to validators.

Distributed Key Management System

Issuance account keys are sharded and distributed amongst the Network validators.


Validators and delegators who help secure the Realio Network by bonding $RIO or $RST earn their share of block rewards based on their contribution amount.


The Realio Network allows for the creation of new assets in a secure decentralized process.


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RIO, the Realio Network Utility Token

RIO is a cryptocurrency and utility token for the Realio Network and platform.

RIO Utility and Roadmap
At Network Launch
  • Delegating to Realio Network validators for block rewards

  • Transaction & asset tokenization fees on the Realio Network

  • Super Staking

  • Fee Burning

  • Rev Share

  • Osmosis

  • Multi-Chain Bridges

  • Developer Outreach/Incentives

  • DeFi Mortgage Market

  • Blockchain Primitives

RIO Supply and Block Reward Emission Schedule


RIO Genesis Supply and Inflation

Supply Cap 75,000,000
xRIO Supply Pre-Mine 45,000,000
Total Initial Circulating 45,000,000

Dream. Design.

Districts is a virtual world mirroring Earth, offering an innovative avenue for everyone to own, build, and earn from virtual land while shaping the cities of the future.

We will provide creative professionals and real estate enthusiasts with cutting-edge tools and collaborative spaces to push the boundaries of digital design. Through the power of decentralized technology combined with our unique 'Land Bank' mechanism, we will create new investment opportunities, fostering a dynamic digital economy.

Moreover, beyond just digital creation, Districts will integrate a profound commitment to inclusive impact, with select land sales proceeds channeling support to global nonprofits, thus blending innovation with impactful real-world change.Visit Districts today